Corporate Identity





Bio / Clients
A few facts about myself...
1) My clients include:
Wall Street Journal
Reader's Digest
Good Housekeeping
Saturday Evening Post
Punch (UK)
Highlights for Children
Medical Economics
National Enquirer
Woman's World
Games Magazine
The Spectator (UK)
The National Post (Canada)
Boys' Life
Bank of Guam
Horse Illustrated
National Scrabble Association
Harper Collins
Cisco Systems
Freightliner Trucks
The Carter Center 
Mosaic Mutual Funds
Miami Business Magazine
Business Law Today
World Bank
National Law Journal
Cortlandt Forum
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Going Bonkers
Stitches (Canada)
Prospect (UK)
Cornelsen Verlag (Germany)
King Features (The New Breed)
Street Blimps
Frog Design

2) 'Shannon' is also a male name, and I'm one of them.
3) I'm enthusiastic about what I do...as my potential client, rest assured that this attitude will carry over into the work I do for you. If you have a project in mind, please feel free to email me for more information.

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