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Law cartoon 1 (Defendant: "Your Honor, I'd like to do my community service near a store with a large selection of DVD's.")
Law cartoon 2 (Boy to father: "Read the one where the kid makes decisions on a case-by-case basis.")
Law cartoon 3 (Jury foreman: "Your Honor, we've agreed on a verdict. We're not sure who's guilty, but we'd all love to play a little Yahtzee.")
Law cartoon 4 (Defendant, after knocking out lawyer: "Sorry, but I have a diagnosis of lawyer-intolerance.")
Law cartoon 5 (Jury foreman: "That hotel where we'll be sequestered...does it have a day spa?")
Law cartoon 6 (Bear to judge: "Temporary insanity, Your Honor. I didn't even realize I was mauling and eating those seven hikers.")
Law cartoon 7 (Judge to completely bandaged man: "Mr. Hayes, you are charged with neglecting your company's safety regulations. How do you plead?")
Law cartoon 8 (Inmates: "Actually, the idea looked bad on paper.")
Law cartoon 9 (In-boxes on lawyer's desk: 'Win Some' 'Lose Some')
Law cartoon 10 (Lawyer to jury: "So, in closing: my opposing counsel is a very bad, bad man.")
Law cartoon 11 (Bull lawyer: "What color was the stop sign?")
Law cartoon 12 (Bailiff: "Next case: The Internet economy versus millions of investors who should have known better.")
Law cartoon 13 (Bailiff swearing in witness: "Do you swear to spin the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"
Law cartoon 14 (Judge to mime: "Guilty of wasting your life. Case dismissed.")
Law cartoon 15 (Judge to clown: "Guilty of oversize shoes and creeping out the general public. Twenty years.")
Law cartoon 16 (Judge to suicidal lawyer: "Counsel will kindly refrain from hanging himself.")
Law cartoon 17 (Judge to battery: "Guilty as charged.")
Law cartoon 18 (Lawyer crawling in desert: "Billable hours...billable hours...")
Law cartoon 19 (Jury foreman re devil: "We find the defendant guilty of being in the details.")
Law cartoon 20 (Lawyers: "It just happens...one day you wake up and realize that your best billable hours are behind you.")
Law cartoon 21 (Jury foreman: "We can't agree on a verdict, so we've decided to use one of our lifelines.")
Law cartoon 22 (Inmates: "My attorney was pro bono and pro-plaintiff.")
Law cartoon 23 (Lawyer in court: "I  object! This line of questioning is making my client look really bad.")
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